David Gilmour’s tour documentary: from Bray in Berkshire to Gdansk, Poland.

Rehearsals at Bray Studios:
David Gilmour is rehearsing with his band in one of the rehearsal rooms and Roger Waters is doing the same, in another rehearsal room… both bands will be touring in 2006, at different times… they share a keyboard player, Jon Carin

David Gilmour:
“We are in Bray Studios and there are three rooms here, Roger’s in one of them and we’re in the other…by pure coincidence, strange though it may seem and hard as that may be to believe.”

Manchester Concert (in band room before concert):
Graham Nash, who was born in Salford, performed with David Crosby at all the UK Gilmour dates. He comments about Manchester:
“Man, walking around, there’s so many memories, holy shit! I just walked past the building where I saw Bill Haley in 1958, changed my life.”

At the Royal Albert Hall, prior to the concert:
David Gilmour:
“It’s an extremely enjoyable tour, everyone seems to be getting on. Maybe if we did it for a year all the old bitchiness and pettiness would start. It’s been brief but fantastically good fun and very, very satisfying.”

Rick Wright:
“I was thinking about this today. I think it’s probably the most fun, most professional and easiest tour I’ve ever done in my life.”

David Gilmour and Rick Wright discussing Arnold Layne:
DG: “Originally I did that melody line, you did the high line”
RW: “ I did the high line?” Originally, really?”
DG: “And with the record, it’s Rick doing the high line.”
RW: “I cannot get up to that, can’t get up there, no way.”

Rick Wright:
“Interestingly enough the difference again between Pink Floyd tours and this tour is I actually hear every note he’s playing, so it’s like the first time I’ve really heard him play.”

Rick Wright:
“It’s David’s tour so he’s doing what he wants to sing, he’s doing what he wants to play and there’s no sort of: “well we need to see the circular screen and the pigs flying across”. It’s a very personal tour for him and I’m just so happy to be in it.”

David Gilmour on playing at the Royal Albert Hall:

“Pink Floyd played here in 1968. We had a choir sing on ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’ which culminated in us setting of two Waterloo canon on stage and we got banned for life; although like prison sentences, life did not mean life”

Rick Wright on playing at the Royal Albert Hall:
“It brings back a lot of memories. I actually played ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’ on the Royal Albert Hall organ and I was thinking today, can I try and get back on the Albert Hall organ?” Rick did later that afternoon and it’s on the doco.

Rick on being back on tour, his first since 1994’s PF Division Bell tour:
“I’m just getting so much pleasure out of this tour, I really am. It’s revitalised my whole love of going on stage.”

David Gilmour about Rick Wright on tour:
“He’s really coming out of his shell on this tour. His abilities have returned to him, along with some of his strange ‘attitude things’ have cropped up again. How shall I put that, not attitude exactly.”

David Gilmour and Rick Wright during the concert interval, discussing ‘A Pocketful of Stones’ and David’s assertion that Rick made a mistake:
RW: “Oh come on, David give me a break! Where was I wrong, come on?”
DG: “Oh the same place, where you’re always ….”
RW: “On the second verse?”
DG: “Yes on the second verse, you were fractionally late..”

Phil Manzanera on playing at the Royal Albert Hall:
“Playing here with David and Robert Wyatt, and to have both of them here, completes the circle, which also includes David Bowie who we as Roxy Music, supported at the Greyhound Pub in Croydon in 1972. It was the first time that I’d been on the stage with Robert Wyatt.”

David Gilmour talking about David Bowie’s performance of ‘Comfortably Numb’:
“He really let it all out didn’t he, he made it his own.”

Rick Wright on David Bowie’s performance:
“I was just totally blown away last night because in his part of Comfortably Numb he just turned it into a David Bowie song. it was absolutely extraordinary, it was just wonderful.”

David Gilmour:
“Steve DiStanislao is a brilliant drummer who I nicked from Crosby&Nash.

Steve DiStanislao:
“Actually I feel like I won the lottery by playing with this band, it’s an unbelievable experience.”

Robert Wyatt:
“I don’t do gigs, haven’t done a gig for 30 years, I can’t sort of handle it. Last time I played at the Royal Albert Hall was about 1969 when I was a drummer (with Soft Machine). And then it was very different, I went out of the back for a fag and the commissioner wouldn’t let me back in, I said, “I’m playing here” he said “Look son, we only have proper music in here” and I said “Well not tonight, we’re on.”

On tour bus to Manchester:
David Gilmour and David Crosby having guitar chat:
“The guitars that smell old, you know when they’ve got that, when you put your nose up to the sound hole and there’s that smell and they’ve got this old wooden smell to them. there’s something about them. I’ve got a 1947 Martin D18 and it’s just lovely, that’s about my favourite wood… just beautiful.”

Clam Castle, Austria concert:
David Gilmour – a few days after Syd Barrett had died:
“I’m going to do a song, if I’m brave enough, called ‘Dark Globe’ which is from Syd Barrett’s first solo album The Madcap Laughs, which I worked on at the time. Tonight is my first performance since Syd died, just a little tribute.”
“It’s a song that I’ve never sung in my life or rehearsed in my life and I don’t intend to... I thought I’d do my first rehearsal tonight!”

Munich, birthday dinner for Rick Wright:
On the US version of the doco, the band singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Rick cannot be heard as it can’t be licensed:

David Gilmour:
“To have you on this tour has been a true pleasure and I am thrilled and I love you!”
During the dinner the band tuned up wine glasses and played the intro to Shine On You Crazy Diamond (it was originally done with wine glasses at Abbey Road studios!)..David was dared to use the glasses at the following night’s concert in Munich! Which he did for the rest of the tour!

Arriving in Venice to play two concerts in St Marks Square:
David Gilmour:
“I think in 1989 we played here and got into all sorts of trouble which was not our fault at all it was completely to do with the council and the people that ran it in those days, who all got fired shortly afterwards.”

David asks Igor, who is playing amazing music on wine glasses in one of the streets in Venice, to join him on stage for the concert to play ‘Shine On’… from street musician to playing with one of the world’s most famous musicians in one of the world’s most historic squares!
“So do you want to play it with us tomorrow night on the stage here in St Mark’s Square?”

But the two concerts had to be cancelled due to one of the stage beams bending and making the stage roof unsafe! The concerts were re-arranged for the following weekend.

Gdansk Concert for 26th Anniversary of Solidarity:
The doco shows David Gilmour meeting Lech Walesa, attending a press conference in the town hall and laying a wreath at the memorial to the shipbuilders who lost their lives in the struggle against the government of the time.

“We had a meeting with Lech Walesa this morning; he got us drunk on schnapps.”