1984 - In Concert

"In Concert"

Tracks: Three Dimensions in Video Music
01) Until We Sleep (Gilmour)02 All Lovers Are Deranged (Gilmour / Townshend)03) There's No Way Out Of Here (Baker)04) Short And Sweet (Gilmour)05) Run Like Hell (Gilmour / Waters)06) Out Of The Blue (Gilmour)07) Blue Light (Gilmour)08) Murder (Gilmour)09) Comfortably Numb (Gilmour / Waters)
Conceptual Video Music Clips
Blue Light (Gilmour) All Lovers Are Deranged (Gilmour / Townshend)
After the Floyd
A 30 minute special on David Gilmour's new solo career:Inflections on his past with Pink Floyd and insights from such closepersonal friends as The Who's Pete Townshend.
Running Time : 101 minutes

David Gilmour Guitar, Vocals
Gregg Dechart KeyboardsMick Ralphs GuitarMickey Feat BassChris Slade DrumsJodi Linscott Percussion

Guest Artists:
Roy Harper Vocals on "Short & Sweet"Nick Mason Drums on "Comfortably Numb"

David Gilmour in Concert:
Producer: Martin Wyn GriffithDirector: Michael Hurll
After the Floyd:
Producer: Patsy BoughtonDirector: Norman Stone

Executive Producer: Steve O'Rourke

A production of CBS Video Enterpricesin association with EMKA Productions Ltd.


USA CBS/FOX 7078-30 Slipcase Sealed


USA CBS/FOX 7078-20 Slipcase

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